About Ken Marable

Ken Marable has numerous RPG credits to his name with heavy emphasis on adventures and the more unusual campaign settings. In the d20 era, Ken became one of the primary adventure writers and game designers for Bastion Press. His work includes Danger in Deadwood (Paizo and DriveThruRPG), Horrors of Penance, Pallid Shadows (for convention play), and “Dark Welcomes” – the introductory adventure for their Oathbound Campaign Setting.

Ken has also written several Dragon magazine articles including (apparently) the only official Hollow World material in the past 25 years (Defilers of Ka and Children of Ka), and Return of the Modrons updating the quirky fellows from their unfortunate last March.

But, wait! Aren’t all those… kind of old products? That’s right! Ken took off a fair amount of time to focus on raising his kids and finishing his Ph.D. and is now returning to RPG work starting with Art Direction in the launch of EN Publishing’s TrailSeeker and EN5ider online series. Planar Frontiers and Void Ex are his move into the self-publishing.

Dromite by Rick Hershey, Empty Room Studios.

Background by Ryky.

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