Planar Frontiers

Planar Frontiers will be a line of adventure modules and in-character explorations of life in the Great Beyond of the planes. Out among the planes of the Great Beyond, outside the highly frequented areas, in places where the planes often bleed into each other, one can still find settlements of people (often very unusual people, but people nonetheless) finding ways to survive and live their lives. Planar Frontiers focuses on these areas.

Rather than massive armies and events that could shatter reality, the Planar Frontiers series of products are a look at the ordinary folk (relatively speaking) who make their home in the most extreme locations in the multiverse. Yet all of it geared towards being useful for characters and gamemasters.

Furthermore, much of the Planar Frontiers will be presented through an in-character newspaper. The new upstart “Infinite Gazette” will present a different location each issue. My hope is to have a mix of fantastic locations that inspire many adventure ideas mixed in with a look at the people who populate these areas that will make you care about them and be interested in the area as more than just numbers and stats.

Planar Frontiers adventures and newspapers work as either a standalone campaign setting or add-on products to any Pathfinder campaign. The first issue of the Infinite Gazette will be published in July 2017.

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