Void Ex

Void Expeditions (Void Ex for short) is a massive interstellar corporation founded to explore the furthest reaches of the galaxy and uncover new trade partners, new technology, and perhaps even new homes – however, some whisper of a much deeper purpose behind their explorations. Void Ex products will focus on new planets & civilizations as well as adventure modules at the edges of space, the frontier far from the known worlds.

Departments within the corporation characters can work with or against (or in many cases, a bit of both) include areas that embrace Starfinder’s science fantasy theme:

  • Xenoarchaeological Assault Teams – special forces trained for exploring and looting ancient, alien ruins,
  • privateers – I’m sorry, I mean freelance contractors hired by Private Acquisitions to acquire alien technologies and explore new worlds through means best left unknown to the corporation,
  • or the small and obscure, but strangely influential Department of Theoretical Astrodivinity

Void Ex adventures and world guides work as either a standalone campaign setting or add-on products to any Starfinder campaign. Void Ex products are coming in Fall 2017.

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